Jan 022018

Waterline Writers announces a Call for Submissions, Let The Blues Be Your Muse, for a blues-themed literary event to be held on Sunday, May 20th, 2018 at 7 PM at Water Street Studios in Batavia, IL. We welcome your submissions of poetry, prose, essays, and other written creations that evoke or celebrate blues music, this uniquely American art form with African roots.

This collaboration with the Fox Valley Music Foundation, Kiss the Sky Records and Water Street Studios sets the stage for area blues festivals on:

  • June 9, 2018:  Blues and Roots on Water Street, Batavia IL
  • June 14, 2018: Blues on Broadway, Aurora, IL
  • June 15-16, 2018: Blues on the Fox, Aurora IL

We’ll consider works of various lengths – from brief riffs on the blues to longer pieces. We seek diverse voices, styles and approaches. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Poems that bring to life the feel of blues music
  • Stories that feature blues music in the setting or characters
  • A fusion of blues and spoken word
  • Explorations of a blues song or a specific blues style
  • Personal perspectives on blues music
  • A portrayal of a blues musician
  • Lyrics to your own blues song
  • We’re open to writing that includes musical performances

Follow these Blues Event Submission Guidelines for writers:

  • We’ll accept submissions until 3/30/18
  • You must be available Sunday night 5/20/18
  • Length may be from 1-15 minutes
  • You may submit work previously read at Waterline or work that’s been previously published, if it doesn’t violate agreements with your publisher

Send your submission to waterlinewriters@gmail.com and:

  • Attach the work to be read
    • Maximum length for prose is about 2000 words
    • Poets, attach no more than 8 poems, all in one document
    • Spoken Word Poets & Musicians, send video or audio
  • Attach a short bio, maximum 75 words
  • Attach a photo in JPG or PNG format—a head shot works best

You’ll get a confirmation email in a few days & a decision notification after April 15th.

Questions? Contact us at waterlinewriters@gmail.com.


Jul 312017

Waterline Writers will be accepting submissions from August 1st through March 31st or until all reading slots are filled. Please send only ONE submission. If you have others, just mention that in your email. Follow our NEW Submission Guidelines and read the Tips for various types of submissions. Submissions that don’t meet the requirements will be returned as time allows. Click Submissions to find all Guidelines and Tips. It’s also a good idea to read the general FAQs about our events!

Mar 152017

Reading slots for our May 21st event have been filled and we’ll announce our lineup soon! We are not accepting or reading submissions again until August 1st, 2017. To stay informed, Like Waterline Writers on Facebook or subscribe to our website. Remember that no events are held in June, July or August due to our summer hiatus. Our 2017-2018 event dates are: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec  17, Jan 21, Feb 18, Mar 18, Apr 15, May 20. See you on May 21st!

Mar 032015

KeepCalmWNIJ is calling all authors in the Northern Public Radio listening area to submit their published work for consideration in the summer edition of the WNIJ ReadWithMe Book Series which airs in June. Submissions will be accepted through April 3.

We’re accepting novels, graphic novels, memoirs, and collections of stories, essays and poetry. In addition to the submission of your piece, please include information on the current availability of your work to the general public. Selected authors will be notified in April and will need to be available in May to record interviews in our studios.

Interested? Visit http://northernpublicradio.org/post/author-author for more information.

Jan 252015

If you aren’t qualified to write about the hard science of Climate Crisis: Solutions, then address conscious evolution—how can we overcome age-old barriers to understanding each other and acting together for our common good?–or educational systems which don’t teach critical thinking, or politico-economic hydras, or perhaps the panaceas offered by recycling our packaging, reusing our shopping bags, and other small steps we take “at home”. All facets examined; all voiced needed. Deadline for submissions is Feb 1st. -Anne Veague

Jan 252015

Feb 1st is the deadline for submissions to Climate Crisis: Solutions, our March 15th event. Common ???’s: Are we REALLY expecting writers to envision solutions? Or just depictions of what the future might be like? It’s a tall order, but it’s the former. Before you give up, consider a couple of things, writers! Remember the precedent set by science fiction writers. Think of the technology we take for granted today that made its first appearance at the end of someone’s pen. When a poet withdrew a submission because “I’ve never been one for solutions, only asking questions and/or thinking about life on this planet”, I replied that the fact that your poetry has “no answers” shouldn’t deter you from writing (and sharing!) your careful observations, keen fears, wild schemes or “I-have-a-dreams” about our planet and our future. Whether your poems contain precise roadmaps and checklists which will lead us onto a clear path out of the acid-rain-soaked woods, or whether they just cause listeners and readers to pause to look at the world more closely, reflect on the intricacies of ecosystems, or think more critically about our global realities, please think about life on this planet, please ask the questions, please write about it as only a poet/writer can! Yes, we know you don’t have The Solution. But you have the heightened perceptions and the vision to ask really good questions and the words to ask them really well. You have the ability to phrase them in ways that people will notice and maybe remember. You may even have little solutions and medium solutions, and if you all try, and we all try, we are going to build up better questions and a lot of awareness and, I predict, a lot of solutions. Building blocks. Tipping points. A-ha moments. Everyone has a say in our future. Give it your best shot. -Anne Veague


Jan 082015

The deadline for Climate Crisis: Solutions poetry and prose is Feb 1st!

Writers! Please add your voices to the Water Street Studios lineup of art shows, speakers and workshops by entering the poetry contest or submitting an essay, column or story to Waterline Writers. Selected prose pieces will be shared at the Waterline reading event on Sunday March 15th. Winning poems will be shared at Waterline and at the WSS art show on Fri. March 20th. In addition, interdisciplinary artist Luis Mejico will create work based on the written submissions and perform at both events.

Art Juror: Jim Jenkins; Poetry Judge: Kristin LaTour. Questions: Anne Veague at waterlinewriters@gmail.com.


Dec 112014

On Sunday, December 21st  at 7 PM Waterline Writers will feature Blythe Baird, Kimberly Gotches, Wayne Johnson, Mike O’Mary and Harold Walker for readings that leap from falling Christmas trees to exploding Jewish Santas, from empowering spoken-word poetry to tales of back-country murder! You can even join in at the 5-minute-limit Open Mic after each event, Continue reading »

Dec 032014

Last call: Deadline for submissions for poetry and prose: Feb 1st! For art: Feb 15th.

From Waterline Writers and Water Street Studios: Artists and writers are often first to create awareness and envision solutions for the most important issues we face. This spring, Water Street Studios will host the 1st annual Artists As Visionaries, inviting artists of every media to research and respond to an issue that affects all of us. The focus of AAV 2015 is Climate Crisis: Solutions. In conjunction with the art show at Water Street Studios from March 20th-May 2nd 2015, Waterline Writers seeks writing on this topic, and will devote its March 15th  2015, 7 PM  reading event to it. Look for additional events featuring expert speakers, workshops, and classes to increase dialogue and foster connections as we seek solutions. Continue reading »