T-WAAP = Teen Writers And Artists Project

It’s all spelled out below, or you could just watch this T-WAAP video now!

Yes, Teen Writers and Artists Project is an organization that hosts events for young writers. Imagine! Its Wordplay events are currently held in 3 different locations in the far western suburbs. Each FREE event includes a writing workshop, an open mic for participants, and performance by a featured poet. The workshops are hosted by Teaching Artists Adam Gottlieb, Corey Dillard or Artists-in-Training.

Each January, T-WAAP hosts Slammin’ The Sun Down poetry competitions preliminary to Louder Than A Bomb events held in Chicago in February and March.

To see their events, Like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @twaap.  Whatever you do, Subscribe to their YouTube channel and check out hundreds of videos!

T-WAAP (pronounced TEE-wop!) is poised to increase its presence in the western suburbs. If you’d like to promote quality writing programs for teens, please get involved. To donate or get more information on programs, contact Shayne Morgan Phillips, Executive dDrector, at sphillips@twaap.org or Diana Zwinak, Artistic Director, at dzwinak@twaap.org.

AdamAdam Gottlieb is T-WAAP’s Director of Curriculum, running workshops and open mics as part of the West Suburban Wordplay program. Adam is a poet/emcee, teaching artist, musician, and activist from Chicago. He got into spoken word in high school through the Louder Than A Bomb poetry festival, and was featured in the 2009 Siskel Jacobs documentary by the same name. His mission became bringing poetry into educational settings, and using spoken word as a tool for self expression, community building, youth empowerment, and social justice. A Hampshire College graduate, he studied poetry and critical pedagogy. Contact him at agottlieb@twaap.org.


CoreyCorey “DiscoVery” Dillard is a Program Director and Teaching Artist for T-WAAP and its Wordplay events. He is a Jack-of-all-trades who has dedicated his life to making sure he never gets too good at any one thing. A poet, playwright, author, actor, teaching artist, novelist, improviser, and photographer, he pushes himself to pursue everything his heart desires, aiming to crystalize the human experience into hyperbolic, humorous, bite-sized moments of self-expression. Obsessed with all things ridiculous and real, Corey often employs personas and characters to add emphasis to performances, but always embraces the need to own your voice, no matter what you do with it.  He’s performed his poetry in classrooms, auditoriums, busy sidewalks and abandoned malls. He’s penned several vastly different plays and has led youth playwriting courses, guiding his students to co-write and star in their own plays. He had the privilege of opening for Buddy Wakefield twice during his 2014-2015 World Tour, and he is working on his first book of poems. Find Corey on Twitter and Instagram @AyoDisco and on Facebook at Corey “Discovery” Dillard. Work-in-progress poetry can be found at coreydillard.tumblr.com/. Contact him at cdillard@twaap.org.