Sep 152017

A previous post said Waterline’s event would happen BEFORE the Cuban music, but it was incorrect. Waterline Writers will be held at 7 PM (our usual time) on Sept. 17th, at Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water St. in Batavia, IL. This month we are inviting everyone to come early, between 5 and 6:30 pm, for a rare opportunity to hear Cuban & Colombian musicians, in the adjoining Kiss The Sky Record Store. Find more event information on Waterline’s live literature or KTS’s concert by following those links!  -AV

Sep 142017

I wrote “extra credit” stories as a 1960s grade-schooler and won the “Gutenberg of the Atomic Age” award, though that appropriately acknowledged the nuns’ appreciation of my printing ability for school event signage rather than any of my creative compositions.”

How and when did you decide or discover that you were to be a writer?

I wrote “extra credit” stories as a 1960s grade-schooler and won the “Gutenberg of the Atomic Age” award, though that appropriately acknowledged the nuns’ appreciation of my printing ability for school event signage rather than any of my creative compositions.

In high school I filled the first few pages of a notebook with some really bad poetry.

At the conclusion of the college years, three of my best friends and I committed to “keeping in touch” via an annual letter, followed by a gathering several weeks thereafter, a “Symposium,” to discuss the correspondence. Forty-three years later and true to our pledge, our discourses, addressing topics esoteric to mundane, fill multiple volumes. My friends would compliment the humorous bent and laugh out loud moments sprinkled throughout my letters. With a number of those involving fishing related experiences, I acted on their suggestion to submit articles to outdoor periodicals, all of which were published. Further buoyed by those little successes and the availability of extra time resulting from retirement, I embarked on a significantly more involved project—my memoir—playfully told, with my love of fishing woven throughout.

Describe your writing process.

Pour ½ ounce of Rock and Rye cordial into a snifter.

Ascend staircase to loft-located writing desk, taking care not to trip and spill snifter contents.

Light “Dream by the Fire” Yankee Candle.

Load 5-disc changer, alternating Native American flute and Led Zeppelin CDs.

Turn on computer and activate Word program.

Stare at blank screen as its paralyzing whiteness smothers the creative soul.

Answer with a sip of Rock and Rye and begin typing.


I need a block of several uninterrupted hours to feel comfortable getting started. Time of day does not matter, though if it is morning or early afternoon I’ll judiciously skip the Rock and Rye component. My writing method is slow and methodical (I’m on my second hour just answering this question) with continuous revisions, sometimes to the point of reworking, multiple times, the sentence last completed. I’m amazed anything ever gets finished!

What was the inspiration behind what you’ll be reading at Waterline?

In my case, it was “who,” and the answer is EVE. (That’ll make sense if you attend Sunday’s event!)

What are you working on now?

I’m in the early stages of a piece (short story, or maybe longer…) with the working title, The Unusual Life of Logan Mayonnaise.

Sep 022017

Authors Joan Colby, Linda Heuring, Ed Piotrowski, Christine Swanberg and Susan Van Kirk will be featured at the next Waterline Writers event on Sunday, September 17th at 7 pm, and everyone is invited to come early (anytime between 5-6:30) for the chance to hear the traditional laúd played by Cuban musician Jesús Fernández, guitar by Colombian musician Julián Norato , and the tres by American professor and ethnomusicologist William Hope. All info on both events below, but note that the new elevator may not be inspected and available for use by September 17th. We apologize for this!


Ed Piotrowski reads A Fishy Encounter in the Retail Garden of Eden from his memoir, A Life Well Fished; Susan Van Kirk reads Rockin’ Out from her memoir, The Education of a Teacher (Including Dirty Books and Pointed Looks); Linda Heuring reads Nibbling at the Bloodstains from her short story collection, A Woman Walked into a Bar; Christine Swanberg reads from her new poetry collection Wild Fruition; and Joan Colby reads Carnival and Sideshow poems from Carnival, one of her recent poetry collections.

Admission to Waterline Writers is $5/$3 students. Each event gives you the opportunity to purchase an author’s book, a hand-tooled pen from Wooden Writers, beer from Solemn Oath Brewery or wine from Bright Angel Wines. We also feature food from The Market at Gaetano’s!

Writers may bring a 5-minute piece to share at our 8:30 Open Mic or visit and follow our Submission Guidelines to be considered as a future featured writer, but everyone is welcome to come just to listen and enjoy Waterline Writers, 3rd Sundays at 7 pm, September to May, in the art gallery at Water Street Studios 160 S. Water Street, Batavia IL. Contact us on Facebook or at Find more info or let us know you’re interested in our Waterline event by going to our Facebook event page!


Jesús Fernández is director and laúdista – the laúd is a lute traditional to Spain and Cuba – of Grupo Amanecer and Quinteto La Luz in Guantánamo, Cuba. He was a featured guest artist on the Septeto Santiaguero’s album No Quiero Llanto, awarded the Latin Grammy for Best Traditional Tropical Album in 2015. He is currently a visiting artist-in-residence at Knox College in Galesburg, IL, and is in the Chicago area to perform with the Chicago Cuatro Orchestra.

Julián Norato (“el sinsonte de Bogotá”) is lead vocalist and guitarist of the group Sandunga, originally based in Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Knox College Asst. Professor of Anthopology William Hope, coordinator of this event, will play laúd and tres, a Cuban variation of the guitar.

Although the show is free, donations are appreciated and all proceeds will be given to the visiting musicians.

Kiss The Sky is located at 180 First Street, Batavia IL, on the corner of First and Water Streets. It adjoins Water StreetStudios, 160 S. Water St. in Batavia. Find more info or let us know you’re interested in our special musical event by going to Kiss The SKy’s Facebook event page!

Jul 312017

Waterline Writers will be accepting submissions from August 1st through March 31st or until all reading slots are filled. Please send only ONE submission. If you have others, just mention that in your email. Follow our NEW Submission Guidelines and read the Tips for various types of submissions. Submissions that don’t meet the requirements will be returned as time allows. Click Submissions to find all Guidelines and Tips. It’s also a good idea to read the general FAQs about our events!

May 312017

Hello Fellow Writers or Those Who Want to Write But Would Never Call Themselves Writers,

I am organizing writing workshops for the summer. These are loosely based on the Teen Writers and Artists Project’s Wordplay events but I’m modifying them for adults, although teens are welcome. These workshops do not require any kind of expertise in writing – just a desire to explore and play. They do not focus on a particular writing style but on themes and I have a list of fun themes to explore.

We will meet two Sundays a month this summer. The first is this Sunday, June 4 from 2-4 at my house. I am asking for donations [suggested $15]. Snacks will be provided. Please bring paper and pen [if you are old school] or your phone [if you are obviously younger than me]. Just a word of warning to those with pet allergies, I have dogs and cats. To RSVP and to get my address, message me through Facebook or email me at If you can’t make this Sunday but are interested in the other dates, just let me know and I will send them to you.

I’m so excited to meet with you all. We will all create some incredible work.

May 082017


On Sunday, May 21st at 7 pm, Waterline Writers features David Berner, Corey Dillard, Dan Klefstad, Christopher Kuhl & Donna Pucciani.

Corey Dillard makes full use of his superhero spoken word skills to take on the dual identities he can’t escape — leaping obstacles, skirting quicksand, and dodging the landmines of racial identity in America with a courage, vulnerability and dexterity that few have managed. Christopher Kuhl’s poetry gently underscores the roles of locale, memory and gender identity in the importance of one’s sense of place. Donna Pucciani returns from a season abroad in time to share from her seventh collection, EDGES, poetry about those who’ve been important in shaping her life. David Berner returns with a new memoir, October Song, in which he almost misses his chance to fulfill the singer-songwriter aspect of his identity for the second time. And, intriguingly, Dan Klefstad’s new novel Shepherd and the Professor is, according to its narrator, “not a story about anything, really, other than how one person can derail another’s life without trying, but who can help put it back on track by trying just a little.”

Other writers can join the 5-minute-limit Open Mic at 8:30. Admission is $5/$3 students. Join us in the art gallery at Water Street Studios 160 S. Water Street, Batavia, and enjoy the evening with wine and beer from Solemn Oath Brewery and Bright Angel Wines ($5), and artisanal meats and cheeses from The Market at Gaetano’s! Wooden Writers will sell hand-tooled pens, $15-$75, cash/check only.

Find FAQ’s, Submission Info, our Video Library and more at Contact Anne Veague or Kevin Moriarity at or Like us on Facebook!