Mar 172015

What’s the connection? Two special Galleries Are For Writers Too! workshops will focus on climate-related writing. Waterline Writers received some interesting feedback during the months leading up to Climate Crisis: Solutions. Many people said they’d like to write about climate issues, but didn’t think they had any solutions, or didn’t know how to start.

We encouraged them to try anyway, because we think that as people write about something, as they do research and think deeply, they’ll find insights and connections—and maybe even solutions—in surprising places. Right now, one of those surprising places is Water Street Studios, a gallery full of art inspired by the earth and its climate issues. Whether you want to write a heavily-footnoted piece of hard science, or a poem that makes the science accessible to a larger audience; whether you write an essay about how we might move past polarization and paralysis, and towards rational dialogue and consensus, or a novel in which those possibilities are modeled for us to emulate; whether you write a heavy tome or a tiny haiku….we have the perfect opportunity to find out what roles art can play in these processes.

Anne Veague, Artistic Director of Waterline Writers, will host two special workshops for those who want to write about climate issues. Join us in the gallery. Find insights, make connections, and learn to trust the importance of your words and what they can create in the world.

When: Sunday March 22nd and Sunday April 12th, 7-9 PM. (No sessions on March 29th or April 5th. Attend Waterline Writers on April 19th!)

Where: WaterStreetStudios, 160 S. Water St., Batavia.

Cost:  Free to Water Street Studios members. We appreciate donations from others!

Facilitator: Anne Veague. Watch the video to see Anne talk about the March Climate Crisis event and Galleries Are For Writers Too!