Jun 242015

tmwfiWe’re looking for kids who already have a passion for writing AND for those who don’t even know how much fun it can be! “Take My Word For It!” is offering creative writing classes this July at Water Street Studios! TMWFI’s innovative curriculum is designed for young authors, and summer sessions include lots of creativity-inspiring activities.

3rd – 5th grades: July 6-10 (M-F, 10 am – 12pm); 6th – 8th grades: July 20-24 (M-F, 10 am-12 pm). Sign up online!

Learn more about TMWFI’s history and curriculum at takemywordforit.net or get more info about these new, local classes at tmwfichicago@gmail.com.

Mar 152015

March 15 2015      Welcome to Waterline Writers!     Our lineup for Climate Crisis: Solutions includes:

Ray Ziemer writes prose and poetry, teaches writing at C.O.D. and is a member of the Batavia Writers Group. One of his poems won 1st prize in Poets & Patrons Poetry Contest and “Riding With Gary” was just published in Prairie Light Review. Ray recently read at Waterline Writers: vimeo.com/120104001 

Donald J. Bingle is a man so committed to the environment he arranged to be born on Earth Day, 16 years before it was even invented. He’s written GREENSWORD, the world’s only darkly comedic eco-thriller about global warming, Forced Conversion, Net Impact, and Frame Shop, a semi-finalist in the Soon to be Famous IL Author Project! He’s reading steampunk, a branch of science fiction set in the 19th century which imagines present day technology powered by steam, not electricity. donaldjbingle.com

Joe Pisciotto thought he was going to be a proper writer but somehow stumbled into farming, which he’s been doing for nine years now. He runs a small, sustainable vegetable farm with his business partner, Carolyn, in Winfield, called Three Plaid Farmers. threeplaid.com.

Lucinda Marshall is an artist, activist and writer who started the first recycling center in Phoenix in her parents’ garage in the ‘60s, served as teen consultant on a bicycle trail study with Sandra Day O’Connor, built a solar cooker from recycled materials, then illustrated Building Your Own Solar Greenhouse (1980). She is Director of the Feminist Peace Network and has published environmental pieces and also poetry (in Common Dreams, Stepping Stones, Poetica, and ISLE). Reclaiming Medusa: lucindamarshall.com

Jim Lewis is a poet, musician, and nurse practitioner. His poetry and music reflect the difficulty and joy of human interactions, and draw inspiration from his decades of experience in healthcare. When he is not writing, composing, or diagnosing, he’s on a kayak, exploring and photographing the waterways near his home in California. jlewisweb.com or Jim Lewis – Poetry on Tap on Facebook.

Barbara Ungar’s fourth book of poems, Immortal Medusa, is forthcoming from The Word Works. Prior books include Charlotte Bronte, You Ruined My Life; Thrift; and The Origin of the Milky Way, which won the Gival Press poetry award, a silver IPPY award, a Hoffer award, and Adirondack Center for Writing’s poetry award. She directs the MFA program at the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY. barbaraungar.net

Tricia Marcella Cimera’s poetry has been published in Prairie Light Review. “The Poem That Waits Across the Street” won the 2009 Prairie Poetry Award and a Judges’ Merit Award by the CCHA. Volunteering at Fabyan Villa, Garfield Farm Museums and WSS has reinforced the ideology of Think Globally, Act Locally in her life. Tricia was recently featured at Waterline Writers: vimeo.com/120089428

Donna Pucciani’s poems have appeared on four continents, translated into Italian, Chinese and Japanese. Tonight’s winning poem, “Noncommittal,” appears on Shutterverse2.wordpress.com, with a photo taken by X Woods, who’s translated the poem into German. Donna is a five-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize and was VP of the Poets Club of Chicago for over a decade. Her sixth book, A Light Dusting of Breath, is available tonight. donnapuccianipoet.wordpress.com Lineup continued on page 2.

Luis Mejico, a School of the Art Institute BFA candidate, works in performance, sculpture, and new media. He’s exhibited at the MCA Chicago, Links Hall & Zhou Brothers. “For You: Songs for a Mute Field” translates imagery from tonight’s poems into live performance. To access his special effects, you can download LAYAR from App Store for iPhone or Play Store for Android, and follow directions given during his performance. Find more about Luis at behance.net/LuisMejico or support his kickstarter.com event!

A 5-minute-limit Open Mic follows at 8:30! Your host for tonight is Frank Rutledge! Sign up on the clipboard at the counter. No racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise hateful content. Open Mic material has not been screened. We reserve the right to stop a reading. 

Tonight: if you buy a signed book to add to the special bookshelf reserved for authors you’ve met in person, we’ll refund your $5 donation. Ditto if you purchase art, or become a ($30 level) member of Water Street Studios–home to galleries, art & writing classes, free after-school and family art programs, and artist access to PrintLab, CeramicLab & MetalLab equipment.

Climate Crisis: Solutions includes the WSS art exhibit opening Mar 20 6-9 PM (with Luis Mejico at 7). Steve Apfelbaum presents Harnessing Nature To Address Climate Crisis on Fri. April 1 at 7; Lisa Albrecht presents Solar Energy on Fri. April 17 at 7, and Dr. G.P. Yeh presents World Energy Transformation Fri. April 24 at 7. All events held at Water Street Studios. Free to members; donations gratefully accepted. 

From frustration to fruition: Many writers wanted to write about climate issues, but didn’t think they had solutions, or didn’t know how to begin. We encouraged them to try anyway, because as you write about something, do research and think deeply, you find insights and connections, maybe even solutions, in surprising places. One of those surprising places is right here, in a gallery full of art inspired by the earth and its climate issues. Come write about what you care about! Join Anne Veague for Galleries Are For Writers Too! workshops on Sunday March 22 and Sunday April 12, 7-9 PM at WaterStreetStudios. Find insights, make connections, and learn to trust the importance of your words and what they can create in the world. Free to WSS members; we gratefully accept donations.

March 20, 7:30 PM: Poetry Springs Eternal: Teen and adult poets from Chicagoland at The Albright Theatre, 100 N. Island Ave. Batavia. $10 adults, $5 teens/seniors at the door or at 630.406.8838. We suggest making an early appearance at the WSS opening before strolling over to The Albright.

Take My Word For It!  New creative writing classes at Water Street Studios for kids, Thursdays 4-5 pm (ages 8-11) and 5:15-6:15 pm (ages 12-14). Sign up or contact Trish Kredell at tmwfichicago@gmail.com.

WaterlineWriters.org has info on 20 area writers’ groups, 3 Wordplay writing workshops for teens, as well as Open Mics like Paul LaTour’s Lit By The Bridge, at Culture Stock in Aurora, March 19th at 6:30; limited to first ten people so come by 6:15. Or come just to listen! The Fox Valley Writers Group will hold a reading of works from their latest anthology, Foxtales 3, on Saturday, April 18, from 2 to 4 p.m., at Messenger Library (113 Oak St, North Aurora). 

You can find tonight’s readings again this week on BATV and forever in our Video Library! Thanks to the writers; to volunteers Frank Rutledge, Nik Markevicius, Ginny Klespitz, Brandon Fink, Mary McHugh, Kristin LaTour, Paula Garrett, Barbara Barrows, Chuck Bennorth; and to all of you for coming! Your hosts, Anne Veague and Kevin Moriarity

www.waterlinewriters.org   waterlinewriters@gmail.com

Mar 152015

Announcing two special Galleries Are For Writers Too! workshops: At Waterline Writers, we received some interesting feedback during the months leading up to Climate Crisis: Solutions. Many people said they’d like to write about climate issues, but didn’t think they had any solutions, or didn’t know how to start. We encouraged them to try anyway, because we think that as people write about something, as they do research and think deeply, they’ll find insights and connections—and maybe even solutions—in surprising places. Right now, one of those surprising places is Water Street Studios, a gallery full of art inspired by the earth, our home, and its climate issues. Whether you want to write a heavily-footnoted piece of hard science, or a poem that makes the science accessible to a larger audience; whether you write an essay about how we might move past polarization and paralysis, and towards rational dialogue and consensus, or a novel in which those possibilities are modeled for us to emulate; whether you write a heavy tome or a tiny haiku….we have the perfect opportunity to find out what roles art can play in these processes. Anne Veague, Artistic Director of Waterline Writers, will be hosting two special Galleries Are For Writers Too! workshops as launching pads for those who want to write about climate issues. Join us on Sunday, March 22nd or Sunday April 12th from 7-9 PM to write in the Water Street Studios gallery, 160 S. Water Street in Batavia, IL. Find insights, make connections, and learn to trust the importance of your words and what they can create in the world. Free to WSS members; donations gratefully accepted! More info at waterlinewriters@gmail.com.

Mar 072015

Sunday, March 15th at 7 PM: As part of the Water Street Studios Climate Crisis exhibit and event series, Waterline Writers will feature the winners of the climate poetry contest, as selected by poet Kristin LaTour. Winner Donna Pucciani and honorable mentions Tricia Marcella Cimera, Jim Lewis, Lucinda Marshall and Barbara Ungar will be joined by performance artist Luis Mejico with an interdisciplinary piece based on the poems. Essays and fiction from Donald J. Bingle, Joe Pisciotto of Three Plaid Farmers, and Ray Ziemer will offer perspectives on past, present, and future climate issues. A 5-minute-limit Open Mic begins at 8:30 PM. Waterline Writers: experience writers reading their own work—poetry, spoken word, fiction, non-fiction, scenes and more—3rd Sundays from September through May at Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water St. Batavia, IL. $5 donation.

Come back on March 20th 6-9 pm for the opening reception for the Climate Crisis art exhibit, which will be on display through May 2nd. Luis Mejico will also perform on March 20th. Our venue, Water Street Studios, is also home to two beautiful art galleries, twenty-six artist studios, School of Art classes for all ages, free Awesome Art Afternoons, Art Flow enrichment programs, and artist access to PrintLab, CeramicLab or MetalLab equipment.

Only 3 more Waterline Writers events before our summer hiatus! Plan to join us at 7 pm on March 15th, April 19th and May 17th! We’ll return in the fall!

Take My Word For It! writing classes for kids are held at Water Street Studios on Thursdays from 4-5 pm (ages 8-11) or 5:15-6:15 (ages 12-14). Sign up online. tmwfichicago@gmail.com.

Open Mic: Thurs. March 19th, 6:30 PM: Paul LaTour hosts Lit By The Bridge with this month’s feature, Rich Le Cropane. To participate, sign up early—limited to first 10 people! Culture Stock 43 E. Galena Blvd, Aurora.

Do YOU want to write?

  • Join one of 13 Local Writers Groups.
  • Visit Wordplay poetry workshops for teens in one of three west suburban locations.
  • Come to Galleries Are For Writers Too! Look at art (and the world around you) with new eyes, and find new ways to approach and understand your writing through informal and creative discussions, time to write (in the gallery!), and sharing of the evening’s work or insights. No homework! Facilitated by Anne Veague and open to creative writers of any genre, at any level. Bring your laptop or notebook. Free to Water Street Studios members. We appreciate a small donation from non-members! Sundays at 7 pm at Water Street Studios.  

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www.waterlinewriters.org   waterlinewriters@gmail.com


Feb 222015

Kristin LaTour has selected Donna Pucciani as winner, and Tricia Marcella Cimera, Jim Lewis, Lucinda Marshall and Barbara Ungar as honorable mention poets to kick off a series of climate-related readings, gallery shows, featured speakers, workshops and other opportunities this spring at Water Street Studios. The poets will have their first opportunity to read, joining a full lineup of selected writers (TBA) and Open Mic participants at Waterline Writers on Sunday March 15th at 7 PM. Luis Mejico will also perform an interdisciplinary piece based on the poems. Luis and the winning poets will share their work again on Friday March 20th at the gallery opening of the Climate Crisis art show. Both events: Water Street Studios, 160 S. Water Street, Batavia IL.

Jan 252015

Feb 1st is the deadline for submissions to Climate Crisis: Solutions, our March 15th event. Common ???’s: Are we REALLY expecting writers to envision solutions? Or just depictions of what the future might be like? It’s a tall order, but it’s the former. Before you give up, consider a couple of things, writers! Remember the precedent set by science fiction writers. Think of the technology we take for granted today that made its first appearance at the end of someone’s pen. When a poet withdrew a submission because “I’ve never been one for solutions, only asking questions and/or thinking about life on this planet”, I replied that the fact that your poetry has “no answers” shouldn’t deter you from writing (and sharing!) your careful observations, keen fears, wild schemes or “I-have-a-dreams” about our planet and our future. Whether your poems contain precise roadmaps and checklists which will lead us onto a clear path out of the acid-rain-soaked woods, or whether they just cause listeners and readers to pause to look at the world more closely, reflect on the intricacies of ecosystems, or think more critically about our global realities, please think about life on this planet, please ask the questions, please write about it as only a poet/writer can! Yes, we know you don’t have The Solution. But you have the heightened perceptions and the vision to ask really good questions and the words to ask them really well. You have the ability to phrase them in ways that people will notice and maybe remember. You may even have little solutions and medium solutions, and if you all try, and we all try, we are going to build up better questions and a lot of awareness and, I predict, a lot of solutions. Building blocks. Tipping points. A-ha moments. Everyone has a say in our future. Give it your best shot. -Anne Veague


Jan 142015

Krista and Eric Anderson of FreshGround Roasting, Geneva IL. have been providing coffee for Waterline Writers events since Oct. 2014. They brew it, drop it off hot with cream and sugars, supply the cups and pick up the empty carafes the next day. All complimentary to us, and allowing us to offer this fantastic coffee free to our audience each month. Thank you, Krista and Eric!

From the Kane County Chronicle:

Taste of the Town: FreshGround Roasting aims to educate its customers

Continue reading »

Dec 032014

Last call: Deadline for submissions for poetry and prose: Feb 1st! For art: Feb 15th.

From Waterline Writers and Water Street Studios: Artists and writers are often first to create awareness and envision solutions for the most important issues we face. This spring, Water Street Studios will host the 1st annual Artists As Visionaries, inviting artists of every media to research and respond to an issue that affects all of us. The focus of AAV 2015 is Climate Crisis: Solutions. In conjunction with the art show at Water Street Studios from March 20th-May 2nd 2015, Waterline Writers seeks writing on this topic, and will devote its March 15th  2015, 7 PM  reading event to it. Look for additional events featuring expert speakers, workshops, and classes to increase dialogue and foster connections as we seek solutions. Continue reading »

Nov 162014

November 16th 2014: Welcome to Waterline Writers! Over 100 writers have been featured at past events. Send your submission for Dec 21, Jan 18, Feb 15, Mar 15, Apr 19 or May 17 to waterlinewriters@gmail.com. Now, tonight’s lineup: 

John K. Manos graduated from Knox College in 1974. After four years in educational publishing, he worked in magazines from 1980 until 2001, for 14 years as the editor-in-chief of Consumers Digest magazine. Since 2001 he has earned his living as a writer and freelance editor. Kirkus says his first novel, Dialogues of a Crime, is one of the “Best Indie Books of 2013” and the S.F. Book Review called it a 5-star novel. Its free Kindle promotion resulted in 26,468 downloads, 6,000 of which paid anyway! 

Joan Colby has published widely in journals such as Poetry, Atlanta Review, and South Dakota Review, and her awards include two Illinois Arts Council Literary Awards, and an IAC Fellowship. One poem recently won the 2014 Atlanta Review Int’l Poetry Contest. She’s published 14 books including Selected Poems (winner, 2013 FutureCycle Press Prize), Properties of Matter (Aldrich Press, Kelsay Books;  Bittersweet (Main Street Rag Press) and The Wingback Chair (FutureCycle Press). Glass Lyre Press will publish Ribcage in 2015. Colby is associate editor of Kentucky Review and FutureCycle Press, editor of Illinois Racing News, and lives on a small horse farm. joancolby.com 

David W. Berner is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, author, and professor at Columbia College Chicago. His first book, Accidental Lessons was awarded the 2011 Royal Dragonfly Grand Prize for Literature. His second memoir, Any Road Will Take You There won the 2013 Book of the Year Award from the Chicago Writer’s Association for nontraditional nonfiction, and has been re-released by DREAM OF THINGS Book Publishing, which will also release his collection of essays, There’s a Hamster in the Dashboard, in 2015. You may have heard him on the radio too! He’s a reporter and anchor on CBS radio, WBBM Chicago, and he fills in as the morning news anchor on WXRT. Visit davidwberner.com for info on his launch party Dec 3rd at the Union League in Chicago! 

Thomas Chockley is a published haiku poet. After retiring from a career as an educator, Tom began writing haiku seriously in 2010. He has had haiku and haiku-related forms published in a wide variety of print journals, notably Modern Haiku, Frogpond, and Bottle Rockets, and more recently in online journals such as the Shamrock Haiku Journal, Cattails, Haibun Today, A Hundred Gourds, and World Haiku Review. Tonight Tom will be reading and showing eight haiku triads.   

Ramesh Shah is Chief Quality Officer at FONA Int’l, a leading food flavor manufacturer. His goal is to bring amicable resolution to every customer dissatisfaction. His journey from the back streets of Bombay (now Mumbai) to this position is described in his soon-to-be-published memoir, “Tomorrow Will be a Better Day,” ghost-written by his good friend, Richard Graves. Richard is a member of the Saint Charles Writers Group and performs at local Open Mics. In 2013, he hosted “Project Publish,” a BATV reality show for writers and performers. Richard grew up in England, studied engineering, and worked in four countries before settling in the Fox Valley.

5-minute-limit Open Mics follow our main events! Sign up on the clipboard at the front counter.

Your Open Mic host for tonight is Nik Markevicius! 

Tonight, we suggest that you purchase a signed book to add to that special bookshelf reserved for authors you’ve met in person! We’ll refund your $5 donation if you buy a book, purchase art, or become a member of Water Street Studios–home to world-class galleries, art & writing classes, free after-school and family art programs, and artist access to PrintLab, CeramicLab & MetalLab equipment.

Call for submissions: Artists and writers are often first to create awareness and envision solutions for the most important issues we face. In alignment with the WSS spring art show, Climate Crisis: Solutions, we seek writing on this topic. How do you see it, what are you doing, or what do you think can be done to prevent or cope with the effects of climate crises? We all have something to say about our future: reach deep and send us non-fiction, fiction or poetry by Feb 15th: waterlinewriters@gmail.com 

Take My Word For It! is looking for instructors to teach creative writing classes to students grades 2–6 at Water Street Studios and in the Fox Valley & Chicago area. Kids learn craft elements of writing like story arc, metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, alliteration, point of view, personification, and more! Final sessions include a reading for family and friends. Classes with themes like Found Treasures, What a Mystery!, and Take Flight! meet once a week for 8-10 weeks. Trish Kredell  tmwfichicago@gmail.com.

Galleries Are For Writers Too! Art allows writers to envision their work in new ways. Within paintings, photographs and sculpture, discover instructional attributes such as use of light, scope, metaphor, transparency, emotional impact, etc. 1/2 hour informal discussion + 1 hour silent writing time + 1/2 hour sharing. Open to creative writers of any genre, at any level. Bring laptop/pen/paper/clipboard. Anne Veague. Drop-in/no sign-up! $5 donation. 1st 2nd 4th 5th Sundays, 7-9 PM. WSS 160 S. Water St. Batavia. 

Do you need a designated writing space where other obligations won’t intrude? The 24/7-access Writers Studio Space at Water Street Studios can be personalized with your own writing desk, chair, and inspirational paraphernalia for $125/month with 3-month minimum contract. An interview and deposit are also required. Tours are available tonight during our break, or contact wssfacilities@gmail.com.

To find out how to sell your book, offer a workshop, participate in a panel or volunteer at the Elgin Literary Festival on Feb 6-8, Like them on Facebook or go to sidestreetstudioarts.org 

WaterlineWriters.org has info on many different writers groups, Wordplay poetry writing workshops, and open mics like Paul LaTour’s Lit By The Bridge at Culture Stock in Aurora, 3rd Thurs. 6:30 (6:15 sign-up)–November feature is Anne Veague. Come just to listen, or bring a short piece to share!

Now available on Kindle: Fox Valley Writers Group’s Foxtales 3; Frank Rutledge’s poetry collections, Clothed in August Skin and Eat the Punch Line, this Joke is Over; and Nik Markevicius’ Head. Get your 500-word fiction published on FewerThan500.com (see Kevin Moriarity) or send longer pieces to online art and lit magazine Reverie Fair’s fiction contest (see Barbara Barrows for details). 

Our events are filmed for BATV, broadcast on Comcast 17 (Batavia) and U-verse 99 (N.IL), and streamed during broadcast times. We’ll post broadcast times, as well as each reading, on our website this week.

Next door KissTheSky.net has LPs, CDs, turntables & concerts Saturdays at 10 am, 4th Sundays at 7 pm.

Thanks to tonight’s authors; to volunteers Frank Rutledge, Nik Markevicius, Mary McHugh, Ginny Klespitz, Brandon Fink, Kristin LaTour, Paula Garrett, Barbara Barrows; to Krista and Eric Anderson from FreshGround for tonight’s coffee; to Water Street Studios  for hosting Waterline Writers; and to all of you for coming! Your hosts, Anne Veague and Kevin Moriarity

Nov 062014

“Take My Word For It!” is looking for instructors to teach Chicago area classes! 

“Take My Word For It!’ offers one-of-a-kind creative writing classes to students, grades 2 – 6. Since 2005, our after-school, in-school and community-based classes have been getting rave reviews from parents, enrichment coordinators and of course, from kids! Currently we run more than 25 programs in several locations, including the San Francisco Bay area, northern Virginia, Cambridge, MA, Portland, and beginning in January 2015, Chicago.

“Take My Word For It!” programs are a launch pad for kids to learn about the craft elements of writing and a way for them to leap into self-expression. Our curricula uses themes as a way to explore a variety of elements including story arc, metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, alliteration, point of view, personification, writing through the senses, and more!

Our instructors are enthusiastic about their craft and bring knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom. Our goal is to spark students’ imaginations, expose them to a wide range of craft elements and to reach enthusiastic and reluctant writers alike. Our instructors also spend time each class working one-on-one with each young writer and focus on creating a safe and supportive environment where each child can thrive. Every session culminates in a final reading – a special event designed to showcase each child’s work for family and friends. Typically, classes meet once a week for an hour for 8-10 weeks. Some of the classes in our kid-tested curricula engage children with themes such as Shh! Secrets, Found Treasures, What a Mystery!, and Take Flight! 

Interested in learning more? Attached in an Instructor Recruitment Announcement for the Chicago area. Please review for more details and contact information.

Trish Kredell, Chicago Area Program Director
“Take My Word For It!”
creative writing for kids & adults
in-school, after school & community based  programs
Website and blog! takemywordforit.net