May 182018

What drew you to Waterline’s blues-themed event?

What drew me to Waterline’s Blues Themed event was when outta nowhere I received an email about Waterline Writers and since I’ve been writing poetry since a little girl and how it’s helped me cope with life I saw the email as a sign from God to show my work to the world so I submitted some poems and when I was chosen I felt like I won a million dollars especially to have my poem played in song by blues singers Dave and Scott made me even happier I chose Waterline writers!


My poems are about me, about the struggles in life I endured, the many trials I had to go through, all the hurt and pain I experienced as a child and how I never gave up on my dreams. My poems are about how I stayed strong and how I will keep pushing until I read my goals in life. My poetry is how I kept my strength and never gave up on hope.

For more information about Waterline’s event:

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