May 172018

What drew you to Waterline’s blues-themed event?

I was drawn to the Waterline event because, as a singer / songwriter and professional musician since 1963, I have performed my own blues compositions and those of numerous other artists whose styles incorporate the blues

How does the blues influence your writing style?

I write and perform songs which stem from numerous idioms, including the blues and blues oriented rock as well. I am not a “one trick pony” per se, but my audiences respond very enthusiastically to my blues related compositions.

How did the blues, or a particular musician or song, inspire the work you will present at Waterline?

Among my favorite musicians who influence my work, I include Addison’s Al DeCarlo, the guitarist and singer from Bangor Flying Circus who passed away this past year, as well as Leon Russell, the fabulous keyboard and guitar player, who we lost recently as well. My inspiration is to carry on the musical influences they and so many other artists have had on my writing and playing style. Since I have a four page list of those who have influenced me over the years, I will pay homage to their styles as I continue to evolve as a singer / songwriter.


I have been a professional musician for more than 55 years. During that period I have played the blues, had the blues, taught thousands of students how to play the blues on guitar, bass guitar, piano and organ. The late, great Steve Goodman put it this way: “My baby came to me this morning; she said I’m kind of confused; If me and B.B. King were dying; which one would you choose; I said babe … oh babe … I’ll love you until the twelfth of never; but I ain’t never heard you play no blues.”

I will let my music do my talking for me, just like Steve did.

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