Mar 172017

Julie Brandon’s one-act play “Cup of Joe” will be a part of Westchester Theater’s 8X10 Short Play Festival in April, but her Waterline reading includes her first foray into science fiction.

How did you discover that you were a writer?

It seems like I always knew that I wanted to write.  When I was around six years old, I remember telling everyone that I wanted to be an author.  I dabbled a bit for years but it wasn’t until a close friend of mine, Nan Sampson, who is also a writer, gave me the The Artist’s Way workbook as a gift that I started to take writing more seriously. I began with poetry and then included short stories and plays.

Describe your writing process.

I don’t really have any specific process or pre-writing rituals other than I need to write in complete silence. No music, no conversation and that means not writing in public places. I don’t use outlines as a rule. I just get started and see where the story and the characters take me. It certainly can be quite the adventure.

What was the inspiration behind what you’ll be reading at Waterline?

I had just started writing short stories and decided to try my hand at science fiction. This story is what emerged. I like the idea of transformations.

What are you working on now?

I’m completing the revisions on two new one act plays. Another of my one-acts, “Cup of Joe”, is being produced by Westchester Civic Theater in April as part of their 8X10 Short Play Festival.  I recently participated in the Poetry event at the Elgin Literary Festival for the second year.

  2 Responses to “Interview With Julie Brandon, Featured on 3/19”

  1. Looking forward to your participation in this event!

  2. Love this, Julie! Can’t wait to see your plays! Best of luck!

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