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How and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

I was a born writer! I didn’t decide to become a writer. Writing was just an integral part of who I was from a very young age.  I think most writers need to write. There is no other alternative. The profession chooses us.

Describe your writing process.

I tackle writing a little each week. Sadly, my life is a little crazy right now and I don’t have as much capacity to write as I’d like to. Therefore, I have to schedule writing time between other commitments. That may mean actually writing, or it may mean revising, submitting, networking, etc. I try not to make my writing too routine-laden. If I force myself to write simply “because I should,” nothing natural comes out. My best writing has come easily and quickly. That doesn’t mean revisions are not involved. It simply means that my writing works best when its inspired. It breaths on the page.

What was the inspiration behind what you’ll be reading at Waterline?

Well, since the writing world would call me an “emerging writer,” (aka “No Name,”) I wanted to share a menagerie of my work. The writing I’ll be reading spans different moments and time periods in my life. Most of my work is thought or image driven.  I think of my poems almost like photographs. They capture a moment and attempt to crystallize it. I hope my readers can gather something from each of my poems, even if they may not be able to completely relate.

What are you working on now?

A million little things at once. No large projects are in the works as I am trying to build my portfolio before moving into the chapbook phase. I’ll get there! I’m currently in graduate school to receive my Masters of Writing and Publishing. That is my main focus right now. From there, I’d like to teach college and continue to publish.

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