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Last call: Deadline for submissions for poetry and prose: Feb 1st! For art: Feb 15th.

From Waterline Writers and Water Street Studios: Artists and writers are often first to create awareness and envision solutions for the most important issues we face. This spring, Water Street Studios will host the 1st annual Artists As Visionaries, inviting artists of every media to research and respond to an issue that affects all of us. The focus of AAV 2015 is Climate Crisis: Solutions. In conjunction with the art show at Water Street Studios from March 20th-May 2nd 2015, Waterline Writers seeks writing on this topic, and will devote its March 15th  2015, 7 PM  reading event to it. Look for additional events featuring expert speakers, workshops, and classes to increase dialogue and foster connections as we seek solutions.

Writers: Most of us have trouble picturing ourselves in a future changed dramatically due to global warming. It is hard to conceive of an economy not based on fossil fuels, which is all we have known for the past 150 years. It is difficult even for experts to understand to what extent our environment will become unable to sustain life as we know it. Solutions to the crisis appear every day, but we are not unlike deer caught in the headlights, unable to respond. As poets and writers, we must articulate the current and impending realities; shine a light on the ignorance and the distractions; turn apathy on its head; as well as boldly imagine new technological, economic, political, and social solutions—for on the page, anything is possible. And in the spirit of science fiction writers who inspired many of the wonders we take for granted today, we can take on even more important roles as creative problem-solvers, philosophers, and inventors. We all have something to say about our future: reach deep and send non-fiction, fiction or poetry to

Deadline for written submissions: Sunday, February 1st 2015    

Poetry, Spoken Word — poet Kristin LaTour will select honorable mentions or winning poem.

  • Interdisciplinary artist Luis Mejico will create a performance piece to accompany the written work.
  • Luis will perform March 15 at Waterline Writers and on March 20 at the WSS opening.
  • Selected poems will be read by their authors at Waterline Writers on March 15th. If authors are not local, poems may be read by others.
  • Poems may be professionally recorded to accompany a video to be shown in the gallery.
  • Poems/Prose may be incorporated into the art exhibit itself in one of several ways.
  • Limit 2 poems, up to 75 lines each.
  • Spoken Word limit 3 minutes. Written poem should accompany video submissions.
  • Deadline for poetry submissions is February 1st, 2015.

Prose – prose will be selected by Waterline Writers.

  • Longer pieces of fiction and non-fiction may be selected for the March 15th Waterline Writers reading event and will be read by their authors.
  • Flash fiction, like poetry, may be considered for performances by Luis Mejico.
  • Limit 2 submissions, approximately 8 minutes/1500 words in length.
  • Deadline for prose submissions is February 1st, 2015.

Art – See the Water Street Studios call for artists! Art deadline is Feb 15th, 2015.

Questions on Poetry or Prose submissions? Contact Anne Veague at

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